What Do I Do After a Tulsa Car Accident?

What Do I Do After a Tulsa Car Accident?After being involved in a Tulsa car accident, you may feel overwhelmed with deadlines and paperwork. This is a normal reaction, and it may take some time to recover.

There are certain steps that you must take after a car accident. We invite you to bookmark this guide (or even print it out and keep it in the car) in case you ever need it.

What to do immediately after the car crash

  • Pull over/ move your vehicle to a safe place: One of the very first things you should do (if you can) is move your vehicle out of traffic. It is against the law to leave the accident scene. However, you need to make sure that you are not at risk of being hit by other vehicles driving by.
  • Check yourself, your passengers, and other drivers involved for any injuries: Next, you need to check everyone, including yourself, for any injuries. If you or anyone else is severely injured, you should not move or try to move them.
  • Call 9-1-1: If you can reach your phone, call 9-1-1 and let the operator know where the accident happened, who is involved, and whether anyone needs an ambulance or not.
  • Wait for responding officers to arrive and answer their questions: You will need to remain patient until the responding officers arrive. Once they get there, they will ask you certain questions while filling out a police report. It is important that you answer their questions. However, you should try to refrain from saying anything that could be used to show that you are at fault for the accident. Even saying something as simple as, “I should have been looking to my left” can be used to show that you were not paying attention behind the wheel.
  • Take photos and videos at the accident scene: If you are physically able, you should take a variety of photos and videos at the accident scene. Some of the recommended photos and videos that you should capture are of the property damage to both vehicles involved, the direction of the vehicles, any road markings, debris, road defects, street signs, and injuries.
  • Exchange information with the other driver and any witnesses: You will need to exchange information with the other driver involved. The information that you should request are their name, address, phone number, insurance company, insurance policy number, vehicle registration information, and license plate number. After you get this information, you should look for any witnesses who may have seen your accident. If they agree to be a witness for you, you can ask for their personal contact information or a business card to get in touch with them later on.
  • Call your insurance company and inform them of the accident: If possible, you should call and inform your insurance company about your accident within 48 hours. Ensure that you don’t say anything that could be construed as admitting fault.

What to do within a few days of the car crash

The next few steps should be accomplished within a few days of the car crash are:

  • Seek follow-up care: Even if you and your passengers decide not to take the ambulance or feel completely fine, it is critical that you seek medical attention as soon as possible after the accident. The doctor will make note of any symptoms you have, conduct a physical examination, and order tests to ensure that you do not have any hidden injuries. This information will also be beneficial if you plan to pursue legal action.
  • Start writing down everything you remember about the accident: As soon as you have extra time, it is important to begin writing down any details you remember about the accident in a journal. You can also write about your injuries and any hardships you have experienced since the accident.
  • Make sure all information about your accident and medical recovery is in a safe and secure place: Do not forget to store every document pertaining to your accident and medical recovery somewhere safe and secure. This includes receipts, doctor reports, medical records, prescription documents, and more. You will need these later in the event of a lawsuit.

What to do in the weeks following the car collision

There are some things that you can wait to do a few weeks after your collision, but you should not put them off too long. Here are the steps you should take in that general timeframe:

  • Find and hire a Tulsa car accident lawyer: If you haven’t already, within a few weeks post-collision you should start looking for a Tulsa car accident attorney. It is highly recommended that you schedule consultations with any lawyers that you are considering. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and find out whether the attorney is a perfect fit for your case. Some of the questions you should ask are: what type of experience do you have, what would you suggest doing with my case, how much compensation do you think I could get, and have you helped other clients with similar cases. You should also ask about payments, as some lawyers have an hourly fee and others have a contingency fee. At Biby Law Firm, we work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you do not have to worry about paying for any of our services until we win your case. This makes us an affordable option for those who are struggling with overwhelming medical expenses and cannot work due to their injuries.
  • Order a copy of your police report: You should order a copy of your police report to have for your records and to give to your attorney. If you hire a car accident lawyer, they will obtain this report for you. However, if you want to get it on your own, you can request it on the Tulsa Police Department’s website by completing and mailing in this form.
  • Attend all your follow-up doctor appointments: It is crucial that you continue to attend all your follow-up doctor appointments. This shows that you are still injured, getting medical treatment, and are taking your condition seriously.
  • Gather all evidence that can be used for your case: You and your attorney will begin gathering all evidence that can be used for your case. A few of the most important pieces of evidence that can support your claim are photos, videos, surveillance footage, witness statements, documentation, medical records, police reports, and more.

Have you recently been injured in a car crash in Tulsa? If so, please do not hesitate to reach out to the car accident lawyers at Biby Law Firm at your earliest convenience. Our team will make sure that you take all appropriate steps and never miss any important deadlines. We can also handle all communication with insurance companies or the defendant’s legal team. If you choose to work with us, we will ensure that you are able to focus on your healing journey, while we handle the ins and outs of the legal process. All you have to do is call our office or submit our contact form to request a free case evaluation today.