Jacoby Biby, Attorney, Tulsa OK

Client Testimonials

"I want to thank you for your help in allowing me to seek out the recovery plan my doctor and I thought best rather than what the insurance company wanted.  I cannot express the peace of mind that it gave."

Client- Jennifer

"I am so thankful for you taking care of one of my dear family friends through one of the most difficult times of their life."

Referring Attorney

"My sister recommended him to me. He. won a personal injury accident for her. We are using him for our mentally challenged son’s case and he has done really good.  If you have a mentally challenged son or daughter that needs a lawyer. I would recommend him"

Current Client’s parent

"After Mr. Biby helped me with a car accident that totaled my vehicle and injured my child and me, my husband contacted him after he was hit. My husband's truck was totaled, but neither he, nor our son was injured. Anyway, the insurance company refused to be reasonable in the replacement cost of my husband's vehicle. Most attorneys will not take a case that is vehicle damage only, due to the small amount of payment. Not only did Mr. Biby handle the case for my husband, he did it pro bono. We expected to pay him for his time, but when we went to pick up the check, he simply shook our hands and wished us well. I hope I never again require use of his services. However, if the situation should arise, Mr. Biby will be my first choice for representation in this area."

Prior Client

"Jacob and Vicki did an outstanding job from start to finish. Straight forward, Honest, and always kept me up to date on the process. Jacobs knowledge of the law and his ability to negotiate with the opposition was excellent. I highly recommend them!"

Bill (Prior Client)

"Jacob Biby has provided an excellent legal advice and guidance during my difficult situation. I found him to be experienced, response, knowledgeable and honest while working with Jacob. I would highly recommend Jacob to anyone seeking legal representation."

Kim (Prior Client)