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There’s nothing like the warmth, cuteness, and affection of a dog. No matter your mood, they are always a loyal friend. Dogs help you get your exercise when you walk them. They can even help you meet your neighbors because of their friendly faces. That friendship can come up with a price, though. Many dogs will bite, especially if they are feeling threatened or overwhelmed. The bites can mean a trip to an emergency room. Many victims suffer infections, pain from the wound, scarring, and even disease. Some victims may die. Young children are especially likely to be bitten by a dog because they fail to appreciate the dangers.

At Biby Law Firm, our Tulsa premises liability lawyers understand the unique challenges involved with dog bite claims. We understand the state laws, local laws, and court cases that determine your right to hold the dog owner liable for your injuries. We work with your doctors to show just how serious and life-changing the dog bites are, what medical care is necessary, and the extent of any scarring and disfiguring. Our personal injury lawyers are respected by former clients, insurance companies, and defense lawyers for our strong record of high settlements and verdicts for our personal injury clients. Among our many results, we obtained a $130,000 settlement for a minor child attacked by a pit bull.


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How common are dog bites? states that 1,000 US citizens need ER treatment for serious dog bite injuries every day. Yearly, about 12,480 citizens are hospitalized due to dog bite injuries. According to the data and information collated by, almost 27,000 dog bite victims required reconstructive surgery in 2018, and “Homeowners insurers paid out $882 million in liability claims related to dog bites and other dog-related injuries in 2021,” per the Insurance Information Institute.

Why do dogs bite?

Dogs bite for many different reasons according to The Spruce Pets, a pet advice publication. These reasons include:

  • To defend themselves, someone they know, or a territory. Mothers are especially protective of their puppies.
  • Being startled such as being approached from behind or being hurt on a sensitive part of the dog’s body.
  • Play with a dog can escalate from play to aggression.
  • Fear, abuse, or abandonment can make dogs anxious or prone to biting.
  • Illness and injury may cause even the friendliest of dogs to bite.

What injuries do Tulsa dog bite victims suffer?

If you or a child is bitten by a dog – don’t wait. Go to your local emergency room as quickly as possible. Some of the different types of dog bite injuries we handle include:

  • Broken bones. Some dogs have enough force in their bites to break bones; it’s also possible to break a bone while fleeing from a dog that has attacked you. The risk for children, however, is often greater; not only are their bones weaker, but small children often stand at eye level with a medium-sized dog, and a bite can fracture the skull or orbital sockets or cause other facial fractures.
  • Infections. A dog’s mouth, no matter what you read on the internet, is not very clean. Even if wounds are cleaned, closed, and treated, there is still the possibility of an infection. Some of the signs of an infection include redness, heat, swelling, and pain. A bloody or smelly wound drainage is a major cause of concern. Other symptoms may include whole-body discomfort and a fever. Antibiotics are usually used to treat a dog bite infection.
    • Rabies. Your doctors will want to know if the dog that bit you has been vaccinated for rabies. The dog that bit you may need to be tested for rabies. While rabies is rare in the US, victims who have rabies need to undergo a very painful treatment process – and time is of the essence in providing the treatment. Rabies is an incurable disease, so the only way to avoid developing it is undergoing that treatment process as quickly as possible.
    • Tetanus. Tetanus is a very rare complication from dog bites, as dogs don’t necessarily carry the disease; it can be spread through contact with soil, however, which is why there is a risk.
  • Scarring and disfigurement. Some dog bites leave unsightly scars – especially if the dog bites the face, neck or arms. Skin grafts and plastic surgery may be necessary. Many dog bite victims with scarring or disfiguring also require psychological care.
  • Paralysis. In severe cases, a dog bite can cause paralysis resulting from permanent nerve damage to various parts of the body. Certain breeds are also known to “shake” their prey, which can increase the risk of paralysis or even death for very small children and babies.

What are Oklahoma’s dog bite laws?

Oklahoma has a strict liability law regarding dog bites. The law states that “The owner or owners of any dog shall be liable for damages to the full amount of any damages sustained when his dog, without provocation, bites or injures any person while such person is in or on a place where he has a lawful right to be.”

In most personal injury cases, the victim is required to prove that a person or company that owed a duty of care was negligent. A common example is a driver (who owes a duty of care to other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists) who fails to drive safely. If the driver speeds or drives while distracted, the driver can be held liable for any injuries he or she causes.

Strict liability eliminates the need to prove fault – to show that the care provided was negligent. In dog bite cases, the dog owner is strictly liable for any bites or injuries provided the victim didn’t provoke the dog and had a right to be near the dog. The victim does not need to show the dog owner knew, or should have known, the dog had a propensity to bit. The victim does not need to show the dog owner failed to leash the dog or warn the victim. Showing that the bite occurred and the victim needed medical care is normally all that is required.

Can homeowners’ insurance help a dog bite victim?

Generally, most dog bite claims are paid by the homeowner’s policy of the dog owner – even if the bite occurred away from the owner’s home, such as in a park. If a child or adult is bitten while legally on the property of a business, the business owner’s property insurance should pay the damages.

What damages can Tulsa dog bite victims claim?

Our Tulsa dog bite lawyers demand compensation for all your damages (and those of a child) including:

  • Medical bills
  • Psychological help
  • Pain and suffering
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Income and benefit compensation

If a loved one tragically dies due to a dog bite, we file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the family.

Do you have a dog bite lawyer near me?

Biby Law Firm has two Tulsa offices located at 1646 S. Denver Ave and 6305 E 120th Ct., Suite K9. We also meet clients at their homes or healthcare facilities when necessary and conduct video conferences. We’ll calmly and clearly guide you through each step of the claims process.

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At Biby Law Firm, we understand how traumatic a dog bite injury is. In addition to the physical pain and possible scarring or disfigurement, many victims become permanently afraid of dogs. Our Tulsa dog bite lawyers answer your questions and address your fears and those of your children. We fight to obtain the full compensation you deserve. For immediate help, call us or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation. We handle catastrophic injury cases on a contingency fee basis. We proudly serve all of Oklahoma including the communities of Broken Arrow, Bixby, Claremore, Jenks, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Wagoner, Muskogee, and the surrounding areas.