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Cars and other vehicles regularly use the Will Rogers Turnpike, the Turner Turnpike, I-44, I-244, US-169, and numerous other federal, state, and local roads. Travel on these roads includes difficult mergers and cars traveling at high speeds. Accidents regularly happen on local roads too. Most accidents involve two vehicles. Many accidents involve just one car. The most serious accidents and the most difficult accidents to handle are multiple-vehicle crashes.

When a chain reaction accident happens, or multiple crashes happen at the same location, you need experienced Tulsa car accident lawyers on your side. When three or more cars collide, everyone blames everyone else. There are numerous insurance policies that will need to pay the various claims. At Biby Law Firm, our lawyers simplify the complexities by calmly and thoroughly investigating how the accident happened. We demand that the drivers who were at fault pay for all your economic and personal losses.

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Why do multi-vehicle accidents occur?

Generally, most multiple-vehicle accidents happen in the following ways:

  • Rear-end chain reactions. Here, Driver B strikes Driver A in the rear. The collision may cause Driver A to crash into the cars in front of Driver A. The crash can also cause the drivers behind Driver B to strike Driver B or each other.
  • Other types of chain reactions. If a crash (such as a sideswipe or a broadside) occurs, the cars involved in the crash may spin around or steer into other lanes of traffic – either striking other cars or causing nearby cars to strike each other.
  • Truck accidents. A truck overturns or spills its cargo causing all the vehicles nearby to collide in their attempt to avoid the truck or cargo.

Other types of multi-vehicle crashes are also possible. Some of the external factors that may cause multi-vehicle crashes or pileups include bad weather (such as rain, snow, ice, and fog) or poor road design.

What factors contribute to multiple-vehicle accidents in Tulsa?

Some of the reasons the initial accident and the secondary accidents happen include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Speeding and other traffic violations
  • Driving too fast for weather or traffic conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Poor road design
  • Defective auto parts

Why are multi-vehicle accidents complicated?

Multiple-vehicle crashes are complicated for many reasons including the following:

  • Difficulty determining what happened. When a rear-end crash or a head-on crash between two cars happens, it’s usually easy to determine how the accident happened, and who is at fault. When multiple vehicles crash, the chain of events from the first crash to the last crash takes more time and work to figure out.
  • There are multiple plaintiffs. In addition to all the people in your car, other drivers and passengers may have claims against the initial speeder or person who acted negligently.
  • There are multiple defendants. More than one driver may be responsible for your injuries or the death of a loved one.
  • Multiple insurance companies. Each driver should have his/her own insurance. The insurance companies will often blame each other forcing the lawyers for the injured parties to work harder to negotiate with each of the insurance carriers.

The complexities may increase if one of the defendants is uninsured or doesn’t have enough insurance to pay the claim. These problems are magnified when the number of potential plaintiffs and the seriousness of their respective injuries increase as the at-fault insurance companies are only obligated to pay up to their insured’s liability coverage limits. Oklahoma’s compulsory minimum liability limits of $25,000.00 per person and $50,000.00 per accident can be exhausted very quickly when there are multiple injured parties.

What are additional legal difficulties in multi-vehicle accidents?

A few other unique issues when multiple vehicles are involved in a crash include:

  • Questions of jurisdiction. In most cases, the disputes are heard in the county where the accident occurred; however, there may be reasons why the case may be tried in one of the locations where a defendant resides.
  • First party insurance. Clients oftentimes do not know whether they have purchased or otherwise have access to first-party insurance coverage that can compensate them in the event of inadequate liability insurance on behalf of the defendant. The attorneys at Biby Law Firm know all the avenues to explore for any coverage that can assist their clients and routinely uncover and collect benefits that were otherwise unknown or thought to be inaccessible.
  • Comparative negligence. Oklahoma uses a comparative negligence statute. This law provides that you cannot recover any damages unless your negligence wasn’t greater than the negligence of the other defendants. In many Tulsa multi-vehicle accidents many of the drivers are partially at fault for the accident. Comparative negligence affects the amount of your recovery. If your case is worth $100,000 and you are 25% at fault, then your damage award will be reduced to $75,000.

How do our skilled Tulsa multi-vehicle accident lawyers advocate for our clients?

The main key to complex litigation like multi-vehicle accident claims is to handle your case step-by-step. Some of the steps our car accident lawyers use are the following:

  • We work with investigators and other professionals. As soon as we begin your case, we investigate the scene of the accident including examining the lanes of travel, the speed limits, the placement of the traffic lights, and many other road conditions. We examine the cars that were involved in the crash. We speak to witnesses. We often hire investigators to conduct the initial examination. If necessary, we also work with traffic reconstruction experts who can piece together what happened.
  • We conduct discovery of everyone involved. Discovery means sending written questions that all the defendants must answer. Discovery also means using depositions where all the parties and witnesses must answer oral questions under oath about what happened. A third part of the discovery process is asking the defendants to produce relevant documents such as insurance policies, car repair estimates, and other relevant information. In addition to the parties to lawsuit and the eyewitnesses, we also question the police who investigated the accident.
  • We work with your doctors. Our Tulsa car accident lawyers speak with your doctors so we can show what types of injuries you have, what treatments you need and may need for the rest of your life, and the extent of your physical pain and emotional suffering.
  • We negotiate with the insurance adjusters. After analyzing the data collected from the parties, investigators, doctors, our attorneys work with our clients and those around them to fully understand how the incident and injuries have affected them. We then compile an insurance demand outlining all the aspects of the case and send it to the insurance companies to initiate negotiations.
  • Trying your case before a jury. If the insurance carriers and defense lawyers are not being fair, we prepare your case for trial and persuasively argue your case before a Tulsa jury.

Insurance adjusters don’t negotiate with Biby Law Firm because we’re nice. They negotiate with us because we have a strong record of results. Adjusters know we thoroughly prepare our cases for trial and have obtained high jury verdicts. They know we understand the legal issues. When we say we can prove a multi-vehicle accident happened in a certain way, they respect our analysis.

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