Importance of Gathering Evidence After a Car AccidentEven though many victims of car crashes are shaken, disoriented, and injured after a car accident, it is important to gather as much evidence as possible. This should be done without incurring any harm or injury upon oneself. The attorney of the victim, if available, may also obtain evidence at the scene and elsewhere as soon as possible after the crash.

Photos of the scene

One of the most effective ways to record a crash scene is to take photos, including photos of personal injuries sustained by the victim and photos of vehicle damage. Other important photos include any property damage and skid marks on the road. These pictures can help your attorney or an accident reconstructionist working for your attorney the angle at which vehicles may have collided and other important details. These photos should be taken as soon as possible after the accident since the scene may be cleaned up or changed not long after the accident.

Getting video footage

If video cameras happened to be recording your accident in real-time, then you will want to obtain that footage. Your attorney can work to access a copy of any available footage through the submission of a formal request. This could serve as key evidence to bolster your claim before the insurance company that may otherwise be looking for reasons to minimize or potentially deny your claim.

If you were hit by a commercial truck or other type of vehicle with a device installed that records various types of vehicle data, such as speed, your attorney may be able to obtain the data from that device as part of the evidence in the case.

Obtain evidence while it is still available

If your accident took place along a busy highway or in the middle of an intersection, the debris from the accident will likely be cleaned up or moved around quickly. For this reason, it is important to take pictures or have pictures taken quickly without placing yourself or anyone else in harm’s way. Also, it is a good idea to write down notable details about the car crash scene.

The location of any debris from the vehicles may be useful to your attorney’s investigators in determining the speed of the vehicles at the time of the wreck.

Look for witnesses at the scene of the accident if possible and ask them for their contact information, so your attorney can get in touch with them later. After you leave the scene, you may find it difficult to find witnesses to the accident, so it is important to talk to them when you have the chance.

Preventing the other party from eliminating evidence

Your attorney can send a letter – often referred to as a spoilation letter – to prevent the other party from destroying or altering any evidence of which they are in possession. This could include, for example, the vehicle of the other party to the crash. The letter could request the other vehicle not undergo repairs until your attorney and his or her team of investigators can evaluate and take photos of the vehicle.

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