Every Car Should Have a Backup Camera

Car Backup CameraMany people are aware of that frantic feeling when they back their car up and see their child standing nearby. This is because it is actually quite common for drivers to accidentally back up and run over children. The Kids and Car Safety organization reported that around 50 children are backed over every single week in the United States.

According to News On 6, a three-year-old Tulsa boy was critically injured when he was struck by his mother’s vehicle in the driveway of their home. The mother was backing up when she accidentally hit her son. She was on her way to pick up another child at school and thought her son’s father was standing on the porch and holding their child. However, the boy “broke free and ran behind the passenger side” of the vehicle, which was out of the woman’s view.

When she went to turn the vehicle after making it to the end of the driveway, the boy was struck by the front fender, causing him to fall to the ground. Then, the front tire rolled completely over him. He was transported to the hospital, where he is listed in critical condition. The police mentioned that the boy has very severe head injuries as well as internal injuries. Police Captain Andy Mackenzie said, “Just always be diligent when you’re backing out in a vehicle. Make sure you check all your mirrors and look.”

The responding officers also mentioned how these types of cases are gut-wrenching and how important it is to be aware of how quickly children can move from one place to another. Therefore, if you have children or drive around children frequently, you must give extra focus and attention when operating a vehicle.

Reasons why cars need backup cameras

Most of the time, backup accidents occur because the driver is unable to see the child. All vehicles have blind spots, including a large blind spot in the rear. A small child can easily fit in that blind spot, increasing the risk of a tragic accident. Very young children may not recognize the risks of the vehicle, and they almost certainly do not know what the lights mean, so they would not know to get out of the way.

Backup cameras can also:

  • Provide extra protection for older children and other pedestrians.
  • Ensure you don’t end up backing up into moving traffic.
  • Protect neighborhood pets who may be walking ahead of their owners on the leash.

Kids and Car Safety points out the fact that most of the children who are victims of backup accidents are between 12 and 23 months old, which means that toddlers are the predominant age group at risk. At this age, children have just started walking, running, and learning about their environments. However, it is important to know that children of all ages are at risk of being backed over.

What if your car doesn’t have a backup camera?

If you have an older vehicle, you can install a backup camera. A quick search online showed us that they cost anywhere between $40 and $300, based on the type of camera you buy. (Note: some of the less expensive ones appear to run on Wi-Fi, which may be problematic depending on where you live or where you travel.)

Will I save any money on my insurance premiums if I install a backup camera on my car?

Unfortunately, no. We checked a number of insurance company websites and not one of them offer a discount for backup cameras. HOWEVER, if you have a lot of safety technology installed in your vehicle, some insurers may factor that into your overall policy price. You’ll need to call your agent to see if there are any discounts.

Is it safe to fully rely on your backup camera?

You should never rely solely on a piece of technology to keep you safe in the car. Backup cameras are not meant to be a complete substitute for inspecting and checking the back of your vehicle. They are supposed to be additional tools to help you see your blind spots. Therefore, it is crucial that you still turn around and check the back area with your own eyes. Here are some reasons why it is not safe to fully rely on your backup camera:

  • Technological devices are always at risk of malfunctioning or cutting off when you are using them, which could lead to an accident if you depend solely on them.
  • You may become too dependent or confident in your backup camera, which could result in a false sense of safety or security.
  • Backup cameras can easily become dirty, blurry, old, and cracked, which can distort your view.
  • While backup cameras can help you see the rear area of your vehicle, it is important to know that these tools cannot provide an image of the entire area. Therefore, a small child may still be close by even if the camera does not show them.

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