Congratulations, Jacob Biby, on Being Elected President of OAJ!

Congratulations, Jacob Biby, on Being Elected President of OAJ!Biby Law Firm is THRILLED to announce that our founder, Jacob Biby, has been elected President of the Oklahoma Association for Justice (OAJ)! As President of OAJ, Jacob will help continue the excellent work this organization has been doing for the last 80 years.

The Oklahoma Association for Justice is the latest iteration of a groundbreaking organization. It was founded in 1943 as the Negligence and Compensation Attorneys Association (NACLA), before eventually changing its name to the Oklahoma Trial Lawyers Association. The 17 founding members met in secret to talk about their cases and their clients, and what they could do to help. It was the first organization of its type in the United States – older than the American Association for Justice by three years.

Today, OAJ is the largest trial bar for plaintiffs’ attorneys in Oklahoma, and it is leading the fight to protect the civil justice here and throughout the United States. Membership offers the opportunity to engage in continuing legal education seminars, promote legislative agenda that work for the people, and network with attorneys across the state. OAJ is the leading voice for civil justice in and for Oklahoma.

About Jacob Biby, OAJ’s President

Jacob Biby was elected President on November 04, 2022, and will serve a one year term. He has served on OAJ’s Board of Directors since 2017, and most recently held the role of Vice President. As President, Jacob will ensure the strength of the organization by working with his fellow OAJ members to combat legislation that is aimed at dismantling the Oklahoma Civil Justice System, providing top notch educational opportunities for members and ensuring the financial stability of the organization.

With more than a decade of first chair jury trial experience – and more than 1000 cases – under his belt, Jacob is a fierce defender of the civil justice system. He has built a reputation for taking on tough cases against some of the country’s biggest corporations, in the state’s most conservative venues, and securing verdicts and settlements that are nearly unheard of in such venues.

Jacob has been recognized for his work on behalf of the injured by organizations such as:

We are all so proud of Jacob for being elected President of the Oklahoma Association for Justice. We know he will continue to fight the good fight on behalf of plaintiffs throughout the state, and to help OAJ reach even greater heights.

Congratulations, Jacob!