5 Myths About Car Accidents You Should Not Believe

5 Myths About Car Accidents You Should Not BelieveThere are a number of misconceptions when it comes to car accidents and what you should or should not do in the aftermath of one. It is important to ignore these falsehoods and do your due diligence in the aftermath of a car crash. If you accept any of these myths, you may cause damage to not only your health, but your potential injury claim.

Below are five myths and busters about car accidents:

1. You don’t need to get a medical checkup unless you sustained significant injuries

After any car crash of significance, including one that does not inflict much damage on your vehicle, it is still important to get a medical evaluation. You may have sustained an injury if your body was suddenly moved or jerked, even without hitting an object. Although you may not feel pain in the moment, if you were injured, it may manifest later. Also, adrenaline after a car crash can mask the pain of certain injuries.

If you delay getting medical attention, any injuries you realize you sustained later may be discounted by an insurance company. You may suffer a reduction or denial of your claim because you failed to seek treatment early enough.

2. You don’t need to contact law enforcement while at the scene

A police report consists of a determination about the accident cause and resulting injuries/damages. You need to call the police immediately after the accident occurred for this very reason. This report is often a key pieces of evidence to a successful claim. When there is no police report, the evidence available sometimes can come down to one person’s word against another’s, unless other forensic evidence exists.

3. The first settlement offer should be enough to cover my damages

It is risky to depend on the benevolence of insurance companies to cover all the costs associated with your damages. You are not required to submit to the first settlement offer provided by an insurance company. It is advisable to have an attorney working on your behalf to help you through the process and secure the compensation you are truly owed. Along with this, be sure to record a timeline of events surrounding your accident, including documents and calls you have received from the insurer. This information may help bolster your claim.

4. I can work everything out with the other driver without an attorney

You may need legal help for accidents more substantial than fender bender. Although you may be tempted to just go through the process without an attorney, you may lose out in the end, both in frustration, time, and money. An attorney can help you from making unforced errors, act as your negotiator, pursue the evidence you need to prove your claim, and ultimately represent you at trial if necessary.

5. I am a passenger who suffered injuries, so I can’t seek compensation

You do have rights as a passenger, just as a driver who is injured in a car accident. Considering the fact that over 2.2 million persons, many of them passengers, were treated in emergency rooms in 2018, it is obvious that passengers have the same legal rights as drivers. Injured passengers have the right to file claims against all responsible parties for the crash, including either the responsible driver or his or her insurer.

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