The Difference Between a Catastrophic Injury and Personal Injury ClaimSometimes any injury you suffer because of the negligence or wrongdoing of another party can feel catastrophic within itself. However, when it comes to legal consensus, there is a difference between a personal injury and a catastrophic injury. The distinctions between personal and catastrophic injuries makes it easier for attorneys to assess the nature of clients’ claims and the potential damages involved.

So what exactly makes an injury claim a catastrophic injury claim? Healing, severity, and costs.

The injuries claimed in many personal injury cases are temporary – not a long-term or lifetime injury or disability. Most likely, the individuals making these claims will recover fully from their injury and regain the ability to perform normal everyday activities without long-term complications. The recovery period with these person injuries is usually reasonable.

On the other hand, catastrophic injuries are long-lasting in nature with long-term consequences to a person’s health and quality of life. Often the individuals who sustain these types of injuries sustain them on a permanent basis and are not physically able to return to work. They may also develop chronic pain from the injury. Some individuals suffer mental health issues because of their physical injuries and the consequences they impose upon their life. They are also very expensive to care for and treat.

Common catastrophic injuries

Catastrophic injuries can occur to any part of the body. Some, however, are particularly damaging and debilitating, and they include damage to the body’s central nervous system. These injuries cause permanent damage, pain, and disability. Common catastrophic injuries include:

Catastrophic injuries can occur due to exposure to chemicals and toxic substances, workplace and construction accidents, car accidents, and defective products.

These injuries often result in extraordinary high medical bills. Sometimes they require hospital stays for months, including multiple surgeries, and long periods of rehabilitation. If you sustain a catastrophic injury you may require the use of special medical devices or medications. Some victims need a lifetime of care.

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